Trainer and owner Claudia Black-Kalinsky, CPDT-Ka

Hello,  I am Claudia, the owner of Train This Dog.

Previously I was a staff trainer and behavior consultant at St. Hubert's in Madison, New Jersey.  After working for a large dog training school and shelter, I decided to open my own training and behavior consulting business, Train This Dog, when I moved with my husband and various critters to Savannah in 2013.

I have worked with hundreds (and hundreds) of rescue dogs, and purebreds.   Both of my current dogs have passed the Therapy Dog International test and received AKC titles in obedience or agility.  More importantly, I want all of my dogs (and yours) to be good family members, polite in society and able to play, travel and go on vacation with us.   

If you need help with puppy training and socialization, general rowdiness, behavioral issues, preparing for therapy dog testing or preparing a dog for vacations, airline flights, general good behavior in public or other environments please contact me.  I am certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Canine Good Citizen evaluator for the AKC and a supporting member of the International Association of Applied Behavior Consultants.

I am grateful to be a rescue partner with One Love Animal Rescue and Renegade Paws Rescue in Savannah. These are both excellent, foster based rescues. If you are looking for a great rescue dog, check them out.  

Questions welcome. 




Cat training

Claudia pictured with dogs Murphy and Ella and her cat, Twizzie.  Yes, Twizzie would sit on command.

Trainer Brandi Letulle


Come, Stay, Play!

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Trainer Brandi Letulle

Like most animal professionals, Brandi's passion for animals began when she was quite young, bringing home stray kittens and working with her family dogs.  There have also been birds, turtles, ferrets and other fuzzy and not-so-fuzzy animals in Brandi's family.

By the time Brandi met Claudia she was working as the kennel manager at Catnip N Biscuits and spending her spare time and money trapping cats and paying for their spay/neuters before finding them good homes. 

Claudia was  impressed with Brandi's passion for animal welfare, her ability to calm even the most nervous dog and her desire to help people be better prepared to understand their animals.

After three years Brandi became a full time veterinary technician for a Savannah vet clinic.  She was also invited to do a year long apprenticeship in dog training at Catnip N Biscuits.

Brandi teaches group classes and her vet experience has been helpful to dog owners who want to know, "What is that, and do I need to take him to the vet?"  She has gathered many fans while working for us, and we are thrilled to have her.