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Welcome to Train This Dog

What would you like to say about your dog?  

"My dog walks well on a leash and sits when guests come into my home."

"She listens!"

"My dog stopped nipping the children, and he's house trained, thank heaven."

"My dog used to bark and growl when he saw other dogs but now he looks at me instead."

"The dog ran out the front door after a cat, and when I called her she actually came!"

"He was afraid of everything, and used to snap.  Today he's a happy boy."

"She passed the Therapy Dog Test!"

"We went hiking and she stayed with us."

"He was such a rowdy puppy, Puppy Day School helped make him the happy boy he is today."

Train This Dog offers firm, fair rules and structured training you and your dog can live with, enjoy, and use for the rest of their lives.  Call and ask how we can help you have the dog you've always wanted.

Offering Group Classes, Private Training
and Behavioral Help and Savannah Puppy Prep School - Day Training at my studio for the Family Do

Enjoy our movie and see what we do!
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